Pole Dancing Poles - use them for adult roleplay

Published: 17th February 2011
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Pole dancing was reserved for strip clubs until a few years ago. Now it is a legitimate and acceptable exercise and dance form. Many gyms and dance studios now have pole dancing lessons. It is worth remembering that just because it is now considered mainstream it still holds an erotic allure in the correct environment. For couples looking for something a little bit different to spice up their love life then maybe using a pole dancing pole to put on a show might be an idea

Pole dancing is now so accepted that you can join a main street gym yo go to classes without any need for being embarrassed – you can even go along with friends. The skills that you learn in a class with a qualified pole dancing teacher and be transferred back home to your bedroom.

Buying a pole dancing pole tom use at home does not need to be expensive, but you need something that is professional looking in either chrome or brass. The cheapest ones need to be permanently fixed to the floor and ceiling but for a bit more money you can get an x pole or similar which uses tension to hold it in place, making it completely secure but removable in five minutes. The portability means you can set up a practice area for workouts in a room you don’t need much and then move it elsewhere for when you want to put on a show.

Depending on where you go for lessons the instructor will probably play down the erotic qualities of the moves and emphasise athleticism and cardio workouts. Take on board all of their advice but slow it all right down when you are putting on a show for your partner. A slow – but confident – walk around the pole and a few simple slides will do more to set the tone than all of the fancy lifts and kicks you will learn at a class. Always think about being confidant and keeping a good posture –these are the most important aspects of pole dancing. Just think if you are trying to replicate a stripper in a club, what would they be doing?

To finish it off then why not buy a pair of heeled pole dancing shoes, these will immediately help get you into character and improve your posture. Finally to really set the mood why not let your partner tuck monopoly money into your clothes to show his appreciation?

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